At the end of high school, when I wanted to choose a program to study at a university, I was really excited to study cinema, but I had no clue how I’m gonna make money living as an artist in a country that doesn’t recognize free speech.

So I went to engineering, studied electrical engineering for 5 years, and worked as an engineer for two years, but at a time, I felt that I lost something in my life. I deeply wanted to become a filmmaker but wasn’t sure how and I had no point of view of value to add to the world. But electrical engineering helped me understand math and physics concepts to be able to work with the programs in which those concepts could be applied.

During the period of my studies at the university, I used to be active as a film critic writing for an online magazine and working with my sister as an assistant and actor as she was practicing directing drama in theatre school.

I was an engineer, but I’ve been talking about art all the time. But that didn’t mean to me I can be an artist, I needed a strong reason for that. Until I experienced psychedelics that helped me to question my existence in the universe and really understand the science of the reality I’m dealing with. A new goal emerged for me, to create art to communicate the facts about how things in the universe came to be and how we came to think about it.

For me, every attempt of making art became an attempt to make as much as possible communications to enlighten others about the nature of our existence in the universe. I kinda found wonder in the intersection of Art and Science which made the reason stronger for me to become an artist.



About 2012, I started learning digital tools like After Effects and Premiere and started working as a freelancer making commercial videos for clients around the world until the US sanctioned our country, and this prevented me to work internationally. This took me into isolation and kinda demotivation for a long time, and because of the sanctions, life became hard economically. To stay on the path of art, I had passed so many difficulties. At this time, I started teaching CG tools to local students.



In 2019, I started using 3D in my workflow since I could imagine so many possibilities with digital content creation tools. Following that, I could learn to render reality with Cinema 4D & Octane Render. Created many cover arts for music albums and worked with some clients. But during this time, I mostly worked on my personal projects to develop stories and find my path along the journey. At the end of 2022, I could know about NFTs and started dropping my tokens on Ethereum and Tezos blockchain.



I’m currently learning Unreal Engine 5 since it gives me enormous power to develop my cinematic thoughts and create films with a much faster workflow. I want to use all my skills from screenwriting and concept, to sound and motion design for a deeper level of storytelling and build my worlds. Working independent as an artist and collaborating with talented artists around the world is truly what I’ve always dreamt of.