Crypto Art

Here is a brief history of my journey in the crypto art world, and the early NFTs I had minted on the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains.

Getting into Crypto Art

I heard about Crypto Art in September 2020 from the 3D art community on Twitter. The possibility of minting a token of my creation on the blockchain sounded exciting, and poetic as well.

Early Drops

I minted my early NFTs in September 2020 on the Ethereum blockchain via Rarible. I had dropped a few works but kept only two pieces, Observation and Matrix.

Opensea Collection

In the early days of my crypto art journey, I dropped a few artworks under a collection on OpenSea shared storefront contract, and I wasn’t aware of the nature of the contract at the time.

After a few NFT drops on this collection, I realized that each token is an ERC-1155 type, and it’s not standard for single edition drops like the ERC-721 contract. So I stopped adding more work to this collection, and I tried to create my contract.

But after a few months of releasing this collection, Opensea closed my account due to the US sanctions against Iran, So none of the pieces were available on Opensea, and my profile page turned out into a 404 Not Found page. It was frustrating since collectors couldn’t see the artwork they collected from me in their OS account. This series can be found here on Rarible.

Although my works were available to be seen on different platforms like Rarible, the whole collection was under the contract of a website that closed my profile.

Therefore I decided to create a new wallet and mint the artworks I had from the Opensea collection into a new manifold CGCortex contract and send each to its owner. The artworks in this collection can be found here on Foundation.

Tezos Collection

In March 2021, I started a collection on the Tezos blockchain via Hicetnunc. Unfortunately, the Hicetnunc was discontinued later in November 2021, but my drops are available via I kept using the OBJKT platform since then and I admire its great functionality and consistency.

In the Hicetnunc collection, I have dropped a group of CG imagery of the planets and moons of the solar system which you can see more details about it here.

VCA Residency

A few months after my presence in the NFT space, one of my friends introduced me to Vertical Cryptoart and I was pretty impressed by the massive amount of effort they put into work providing a platform for artists to express their voices and educate them in the NFT space.

Residency by CGCortex

I got accepted for the 3rd cohort of residency, and It’s been an incredible three months journey to learn about crypto art and meet dozens of great artists and builders.

I had airdropped some editions of Residency and Room to Dream for my fellow resident artists when the residency finished in May 2021.