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I’ve never been in art residency, neither physical nor online. I used to be working isolated for many years. Before the start of the pandemic in 2019, I was looking to attend one of the residency programs in Europe. But things changed and the long lockdown started.

When I got into NFT space in October 2020, I could know about the Vertical Cryptoart community on Twitter and I was quite impressed by the massive amount of effort they put into work giving artists the opportunity to express their voice and educate people in the NFT space.

By the time Vertical Cryptoart (VCA) introduced the first artist residency program, I didn’t apply because I wasn’t really aware of its importance and I was kind of stumbling around in the space and only sharing my works. After VCA finished the 1st cohort of residency, one of my talented friends in the NFT space told me about how awesome the program has been for her. After some time I watched some of the videos from the classes, I was truly stunned by the knowledge and wisdom which were taught about NFTs in the program.

I had things under the radar for some time until VCA opened the applications for the 3rd cohort in December 2021 and I applied immediately for the program. I truly needed this, because I wanted to learn more about communication in the space and somehow come out of the isolation. Fortunately, I got selected as a resident artist by VCA and its mentors in late January 2022. This was very great news.

A few days before the program started, I had a strange dream about the metaverse. It was as if I was actually attending physically to the residency. However, in real life, the residency is happening online, but the dream gave me an idea for a series of artworks. So I created Residency artwork to visually explain how I feel about the start of the residency.


RESIDENCY – minted on Tezos blockchain


Before the start of the program, I got interviewed in a meeting by VCA Residency to discuss details of the program which went great. Then I got the schedule for the program and was amazed by the modules that we’ll be going to learn from great talents and mentors.

The intro class with Micol, the founder of VCA was held to get to know the resident artists, discuss the schedule, and talk about the different aspects of the program. In this session, I could get to know my fellow residents and the VCA team better.

VCA Residency Intro Call

watch introduction class here


From photography and painting to generative art, and to AI, an amazing diversity of artists from all over the world are attending this residency. I’m very eager to get to know about their crafts as we go through the classes and residency hangouts. There are lots of room to dream with this opportunity and I’m super excited to share that with you in future posts.

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